Many people think that AC has more adverse effects than good effects that can be obtained. Even though in practice, the use of air conditioning that is more effective in cooling the room has many benefits that can be obtained air conditioning repair . Especially with the rapid development of technology, aircon is currently not only spending electricity and causing losses. If damaged, air conditioning repair is available in various places in big cities. So as to minimize the losses received.

the use of the right air conditioner such as regulating the temperature of the air conditioner at normal temperatures around 25 ° C and cleaning air conditioning air circulation regularly and correctly can have a positive impact on the baby. Because there are still many who do not know the positive impact, here we want to share a little information that I have. The following are some of the benefits of air conditioning for babies:

– Avoid heat attacks
Heat attack or heatstroke is a condition where the body temperature can exceed 40 ° C. This condition will certainly be very dangerous because it can lead to organ complications. Preventing heatstroke with the use of air conditioning is one of the benefits of AC for babies.

– Minimizing Sudden Death Infant Syndrome (SDIS)
SDIS is a condition where babies who are usually under 1 year old suddenly die without knowing the cause. One factor that causes this condition is poor air circulation. So you need to be vigilant if there are symptoms of asthma in the baby who appears. Using the right AC can minimize this condition to occur.

– Maintain baby’s skin health
With the existence of sufficient search in the baby’s skin, the health of the baby’s skin will also be maintained. Baby’s skin will remain moist and not dry because the cool air conditioning temperature helps the baby avoid the hot air temperature.

– Avoid dehydration
High temperatures can cause the appearance of signs of a dehydrated baby, which of course will be dangerous. Dehydration alone can have an impact on seizures because of the lack of oxygen intake to the brain as the blood gets thicker because there is no intake of water entering.

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